Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend(Canada eh?)

Well well, it hasn't been the most exciting weekend since I got here. Infact one of the most boring! Everyone I know has gone back home or on a short trip for this weekend and I've just been hanging back here in this empty residence!

But to everyone out there, I hope you have an amazing weekend and enjoy some turkey! om nom nom! :)

Oh but I managed to party it up Thursday before everyone left. I ended up passing out 30 minutes away from where I live and still managing to go to class on time(passed out at 5) I was even impressed with myself.

Next week is ganna be a GONG show, 2 floor birthdays. Let's hittem up.

Monday, October 4, 2010

test post

test post

A month in, it was pretty wild, welcome to my life.

Well, I've been a frosh at my university for a month now, it's been a wild trip of binge drinking and wild parties. I'm just sad I couldn't fill you guys in on it while I was going through it. I might get in a few details here and there of the past though, and this blog should be fun because I get to watch myself change over time too haha... Yea I've been doing too much psychology. Well I just wanted to start this up and get down to my bro sesh. Feel free to check around and I'll be sure to keep this updated at least weekly!

Anyway enjoy this picture of this cat in a poncho for now as my way of not starting this blog earlier

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