Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend(Canada eh?)

Well well, it hasn't been the most exciting weekend since I got here. Infact one of the most boring! Everyone I know has gone back home or on a short trip for this weekend and I've just been hanging back here in this empty residence!

But to everyone out there, I hope you have an amazing weekend and enjoy some turkey! om nom nom! :)

Oh but I managed to party it up Thursday before everyone left. I ended up passing out 30 minutes away from where I live and still managing to go to class on time(passed out at 5) I was even impressed with myself.

Next week is ganna be a GONG show, 2 floor birthdays. Let's hittem up.


  1. It is not Thanksgiving yet silly, heck is it even November?

  2. I think you got the wrong month bud. Happens to me too man. No worries. :)

  3. Thanksgiving, In October? Wrong month you silly ;)

  4. party teim is party? haha nice post, thanks!